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Increase Your Home's Value Before You Put It On The Market

Nestor Herrera

Nestor's passion for creating a strong community in Irvine is obvious...

Nestor's passion for creating a strong community in Irvine is obvious...

Jun 5 3 minutes read

Great curb appeal not only can make your home the star of your community; it can go beyond simple first impressions to help you sell your home for more. Even in today’s market where homes are selling quickly, it is still crucial to make sure your home is spruced up and ready for those potential buyers.  Whether you’re thinking of listing your home or just want to make your home the envy of your neighbors, here are several ways to increase your curb appeal.

Make your home’s exterior enticing and look like new. For many potential buyers, the condition of the exterior of a home can offer clues to the condition of the interior. Don’t forget to stay on top of your yard maintenance, walk ways and driveways.

Paint.  A fresh coat of paint can go a long way towards improving the curb appeal.  If the paint looks good on your home, consider a fresh coat on the front door, the mail box post and don’t forget the mail box. Paint is the best and least expensive way to make your home appear newer.  

Maintain your fence. Replace rotted or worn posts and panels and freshen it up with a coat of paint. If you have a hedge that serves as your property’s border, keep it trimmed and in good shape.

Install new door fixtures or make sure that the old ones are clean and working.  So often the front door lock is over looked because so many people go in from the garage. 

Update your house numbers. Make sure potential buyers and guests can find your home. If the numbers have faded or need an update, replace them. If choosing a metallic finish, make sure it matches the finish of your exterior light fixtures.

Hang flower boxes on your front porch railings and/or below your windows. If you don’t want to affix flower boxes to your home, purchase nice planters and containers and place them around your porch or on your front steps.

Choose flowers and plants that bloom at different times of the year for year-round appeal. For example, bulbs not only bloom all spring, they also multiply and come up every year. Perennials often flower for most of the year and will prevent you from having to replant them every year.

If you don’t have a green thumb, choose low maintenance plants and flowers. Flowers such as lavender, rosemary, and zinnias are a few low-maintenance and drought-tolerant options.

It’s no secret emotions play a role in a person’s decision to purchase a home and we are here to help. These tips are just the beginning of how to create more value with several of them already built into our service and targeted marketing plan to help you get the most money for your home. If you are considering selling your home, why wouldn't you give us a call.


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